Saturday, August 23, 2008

List List List

School starts in a week! Big bad college too!
So back to school clothing shopping needs to be done too.
So here's my list of things I would love to purchace:
>doc marten's (white, black, or floral??)
>navy blazer
>more dresses (because one can never have enough)
>black leather bag (still need to find one I adore)
>anything lace i can get my hands on
>more purples and blues!
>a basic black skirt
>acid washed skinny jeans (i could diy those)
>lace tights
>an agyness tote bag
>a turntable watch
>moccasins or boots with fringes
>a t-shirt dress
>more hippie headbands yes please
>black lace fingerless gloves
>a black leather jacket
>this skirt
> this dress
>this geek vest :D