Saturday, August 16, 2008

My First Love

Will always be music. So i felt the need to express that passion in my blog. I constantly surround myself with musicians and my style is heavily influenced by them. I own a guitar, yet I can barely strum a chord. Also, my boyfriends are always musicians. My all-time favorite quote is "Music hath charms to soothe a savage beast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak...."- William Congreve. This quote has held true for me. But music has so many other talents. It changes my mood instantly, and through another's lyrics I express myself quite frequently.
Musicians have amazing talents and should truly be praised as the gods of society.

But, the way I will relate this rambling on about music to my style is through Vanity Fair's recent Fashion Rocks magazine. In it there is an article about Joan Jett and her punk style. I am very inspired by her look and individuality.

This is a much more recent picture but I couldn't find any ones of her circa 1980s that weren't completely blurred out. She rocks leather, black on black, thick smugy eyeliner, and doesn't give a fuck what you think!

Also, Stevie Nicks is another music icon who has an amazing style. She was featured in a previous issue of Fashion Rocks.

Rocker women, definately know how to work it. Except Hayley Williams. That hairstyle screams get the poor girl a fire extinguisher.

But today I didn't dress very rocker-chic. This is what I wore:

I curled my hair because I was home alone and had nothing better to do. It's naturally curly but with all the bleaching I've put it through I had no idea it would hold the curls as well as it did. There is no pose here, I took the picture just before I changed into my pajamas.

Well, it's almost 4:30am here in Cali, so I'm going to take my book (Breaking Dawn) and go enjoy the breaking dawn over the mountains at my house.
It looks something like this: