Saturday, August 2, 2008

Grunge Returns

Marie Claire proves it with the August 08 issue.

Expensive grunge too.
But I'm kind of stoked for big plaid button down (possible flannel) shirts.
I told my two (boy) best friends that today and they got so excited and started listing off grungy clothing they could buy, ex: black jeans, big flannel shirts, pull over hoodies to wear under the flannel shirts, working boots (Doc Martens), and light denim. All very scary, but it made them happy.

List of things I want:
Doc Martens (white ones) there's also floral ones which are adorable, but I don't knwo what I'd wear them with.
plaid shirt
shortalls (cause overalls won't be happening with me) and I saw a girl with a reeallly cute pair of shortalls at the beach today.

I love the 90s show My So Called Life, so I want to dress like these kids, it just looks so comfy and wearable for college.

okay, maybe a more polished version of these kids.

like this. one outrageous piece at a time. she makes these shoes look so delicate.