Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Recent Thrifting Adventures

So my best friend Tyler and I often go on random thrifting outtings, and our favorite place to go is Hillcrest. It's the gay community in San Diego and they have the best thrift shops, and the most fashionable people, and everytime you go you make new friends. So yesterday we took one of those outings and had a blast! We completely found our new favorite thrift store. It's called Rags and it's hidden in between 6th and 5th avenue, we almost passed it by. I'm so glad we paused to look around. The lady behind the counter had bright orange hair, and she was assisting a man who was giving her his old clothes to sell, and the man was making happy remarks and was really excited about how much they pay back for clothing. There are so many racks of clothing, in the front of the store there's more recent clothing, and in the back there's a vintage section. They sell tons of cowboy boots and fedoras too! Tyler bought a sickle and hammer shirt, because he's a socialist and is convinced he's going to be the leader of the USSA one day. But anyway, they have brand new sunglasses for sale, and I got a great pair that reminded me of the ones Ellen Page wore in Juno.

They were onle $8.50! :D
here is me in them:

Rags was amazing, and we will definately be returning it's like a less pricy version of the Buffalo Exchange. That store makes me and Tyler sick because it's always so crowded and the shirts can be bought for less in an actual store. I tried on a pair of shoes that were priced at $40! But I did find a nice leather jacket there for only $35, but it was too heavy and looked new, I really want a worn-in looking one. I know I shoulda bought it for Ebay at least, but I'm not 18 and my mother hates me using her Ebay account for everything. So i guess it's a treasure for someone else to find, if they can fight their way through the crowd.
Also, we stopped by American Apparel in Hillcrest, and Tyler had never been in there before, and he walked in and said "I'm in love." He was so amazed by the shiny tights and every color of v-neck you could ever want. I got a navy colored skirt which I'm in love with. (the one that everyone has in mustard color, like Pandora, and TheNewClothesHorse, their links are in my admired blogs section)
Then we went into Wear It Again Sam, which is amazingly well put together and only sells immaculate clothing. They specialize in dresses, but even though they are used they are all priced at $75 or more. They are in very lovely condition and most are brand name, so the price is a steal, I will defiantely be returning to that store for any dressy occasion I might need a new outfit for. They have many nice fedoras as well for $30 a piece, and all of the men's clothes are really nice and funky. But, most of the men's clothes are geared towards the citizens of Hillcrest, so Tyler didn't find anything he was dying to purchace. I gushed over many dressed, but I was looking for a black lace one and didn't find anything that fit what I wanted, so we left the store empty handed.
But all in all my Hillcrest outting was a success and I looooove my new sunglasses and our new favorite thrift store. I just can't wait till we go again!