Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lovely Things

Today I found this illustrator online who had many gorgeous illustrations that I enjoyed looking at. True most of the site is in Japanesee but it's still beautiful artwork.
Like this one:

My second enjoyment of the day is the Victoria's Secret clothing line. So while you're wearing your $50 dollar bra, you can cover up with these pieces. The undergarments have always put me off because of the price, but the clothing is priced more reasonably (though still hardly affordable) and every piece is lovely. I think it might be the curvy-tastic models, but I really want so many of their dresses it's incredible.
This one is my favorite, I think because it looks so absolutely comfy. Plus it's $69 dollars and covers a lot more than a bra of that price would.

this one too, because like 20 different outfit combinations come to mind when i see it.

and they have a leather jacket that is to die for

feminine and tough, i love it!

Today i wore no face makeup, which is a first, and I actually didn't feel too terrible going out into public. My latest clothing obsession is men's froot of the loom undershirt tank tops. I wear one almost every day. They are so comfortable and can be worn so many different ways because they are just a white tank top. Today I wore one with my extra high waisted forever 21 black shorts.

On a final note, gauze is not a fabric to make dresses out of, and only people under the age of seven should be caught in terry cloth. (mental notes I made from my onliune browsing today)
Oh and I love chocolate oranges. And people who read my blog <3