Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Every Monday - Thursday I have to wake up three hours prior to my classes (9 on mon + wed and 8 on tues + thurs) then drive 1/2 an hour to Santee where I hop on the trolley and that takes another 30 minutes (if I'm lucky) to get to school. I hate it so much.
I'm taking Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Oral Communication, and Intro to Lit. So I have a pretty heavy load too. The homework consists of a lot of reading. Tonight I have to read Othello and summarize it, as well as read a chapter in the books for each other class. But I did find time today to take some picture's with the neighbor's dog Zoe for lookbook.

I went shopping with my boyfriend for his 19th birthday yesterday and we discovered that brand new to our mall is an H&M, an Anthropologie, and an American Apparel. It was like all my wishes were coming true. (okay that was a little over dramatic) Regardless, it was a pretty amazing discovery. When we went into AA I was looking at the long shirt dresses and an employee came over and asked what was wrong, and they only had XS and M, which caused me a huge dilema because I am normally a small. The boy rushed to the back to look for more, but sadly came back empty handed. So he offered to let me try on both, and I discovered that the extra small was still a little large fitting, and I usually like things more snug than not, even if loose is the style. Then I guess while I was in the dressing room the boy who was helping me told another worker that I was pretty, and my boyfriend got pretty upset. But the whole rest of the time we were in the mall, and even today I've been saying "I have an AA boyfriend." I think it's pretty cool. But besides that, I really like the way this dress fits, and I also bought another one of the skirts with pockets in black. Tomorrow my mother is taking me back to the mall so hopefully I can actually accomplish more back to school shopping. (I've already been promised Doc Marten's, the black ones) My current obsession though is with black lace. I want to layer it in every way possible. It creates such a delicate yet edgy vibe which makes me happy.
Oh, and my new booties finally arrived:

I love them!

Well, homework (and a peach) is calling.