Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Canon Profashional

The Canon Profashional winners went online today!! This contest is all about fashion photography (if you couldn't guess) and goes on every year. There are archives to look through from the past years on the site. The winners this year were:
1st place-

2nd place-

3rd place-

best newcomer-

I really enjoyed the first place one it's so lovely. The second place one was really well done but i didn't quite understand why the third place one was so great when compared to the other entries. The best newcomer on is really pretty as well.

These are a few others I enjoyed.

You should go check out the site because there are so many great pictures!! It is in german but here is the translated link.

I haven't posted in a few days because I took a nasty spill down cement stairs and ended up with too many bruises to count. But I am back, and I won't give up on this blog because I have things to say to the internet (even if no one else wants to read it)