Monday, October 6, 2008

Thrift and Swap Meet

So my thrifting buddy and best friend Tyler and I went to the swap meet Sunday. For five bucks I left with a bunch of bangles and a ring :) Oh, and for a dollar I bought Tyler a cactus which he promptly gave some random mexican name. I have yet to show a good pic of Tyler, and he was really proud he wore a thrifty outfit the other day, so here are some photos from the last few days:
This is Tyler in all his thrifty snake-bitey glory:

flannel shirt:thrift shop in Encinitas
communist shirt:Rags thrift store in Hillcrest
Ya he's a proud socialist... whatever.

And here's me and my new bangles :)

And.. the band I'm obsessed with at the moment-
Great Lake Swimmers
My boy calls is naptime mucic, but I love it. It's so calm and serene and I didn't do them justice with just these four songs. It's acoustic and his voice is incredible and calming. I listened to this for an hour today. (the trolley ride both ways) It definately helped me tune out the hobos and middle aged men who try and talk to me or the woman yelling random phrases at the other trolley patrons.

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