Saturday, October 18, 2008

Latest Concert

We The Kings & The Academy Is last night = <3
I usually don't go to super mainstream shows because all of the twelve year olds get on my nerves but I couldn't pass up this one.

So I walked away with an AA We The Kings Owns Your Face shirt and a confirmed crush on William Bekket. He's so gorgeous in person, and he knows it too, which makes me like him more. The boy definately didn't like my gushing, but he gushed over Hey Monday's (the opening band) lead singer. Okay I admit I slightly gushed over her too. They sound like, well Paramore, but don't let that discourage you, this girl can actually sing instead of that talky-babble Hayley Williams has been messing with lately. But Hey Monday was a great band, and she was pretty hot too. So definately look into them if you're looking for something that sounds like Paramore, but done right. (still the same amount of "Woah!"s and "La la la"s though) Oh, Carolina Liar played too. (the "I'm not over you just yet.." guys) They looked like they needed showers and haircuts but they have a great sound. We The Kings did a cover of The Gorillaz's Feel Good Inc. and it was so good. Here's them doing it at another show:

Some girls from Band Vibe came by and took our pic, so instead of re-creating my outfit, I'll just post that one when they put it up. I think I'm going to look into that site for a job, because the San Diego team they have now doesn't cover the shows I go to, so I could definately help fill that gap... I just need a better camera.... any takers on giving me one? :)