Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Heels Are Not For College

Today I had to give a presentation and dress 'business casual' so I wore my AA shirt dress belted and Anne Klein shoes. (the ones I wore with my fringe vest the other day) Oww, not the smartest choice for stomping around college for a few hours, not to mention running across a parking lot to catch a trolley. So now my pinky toe is at least twice it's normal size, and my presentation was pretty terrible too.
But yesterday's outfit (and the lookbook comments on it) makes me happy..

I am not confident that the odd plaid shirt looks good tucked into the AA skirt like that, but those shoes are like heaven, they are more comfortable than sneakers.
Story time:
Tyler came over yesterday and we played Scrabble, which frustrates the both of us to no end because neither of us have much patience to wait fot the other to spell a word. Needless to say we only lasted one game, with the toughest words being 'taupe' and 'orc' (which he was very proud to find is in the dictionary) My sister spelt 'from' with an upside down W and used a letter upside down as a blank and we didn't catch on until the game was over. Terrible. But it was amusing.
Oh and, thank you for the lovely comments, Tyler was happy to hear that he was called stylish. I almost took a video of his happy dance... almost. Maybe I will for more comments, it's pretty entertaining.
Here's another Tyler pic for motivation

Yes, he made that at his work, and yes he wore it to high school one day at lunch. He is embarassed by nothing. He also wore it to my house and attacked my dad. Strange kid.

Now the music part: (which I'm probably going to weasel into every post because music is that amazing to me)
Obsession of the day:
Chick Singers. More specifically Gregory and the Hawk and Soko. Both of these ladies have amazing voices. I have been in love with Gregory and the Hawk for about a year now, and Soko for only a few days, and they are both on repeat at the moment. My favorite Gregory song is I Wish, but I could only find mp3 covers of it, so I put the more popular song Boats and Birds on this music player. But this song is incredible too, the words are so sweet. "If you'll be my star, I'll be your sky..." The Soko song's meaning runs deep with me because my boy has just 'professed his love' and this song is about her having a boy do the same and say that he loves her more than everything and she's not buying it and listing things she will always love more than him. It's definately my Myspace song too :)

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