Thursday, October 16, 2008

This Song is Hard to Find

I was featured again by the lovely Suz on Weardrobe here. :)
And I finally joined Modepass after so many people raving to me about it. You can click the link or go here- to add me.
No outfit today, I woke up late after my all night essay writing and threw on my purple t-shirt, cut-offs, black sneakers, and went to school to turn in my paper.
But I was singing this song in my head all day. It was featured on Degrassi in probably January of last year (when they killed off JT), and still it's nowhere to be found! So YouTube was my last resort.

I must have an obsession with girl singers lately, but Damhnait Doyle is incredible. Her voice is so perfect and this song is so amazing. Read the lyrics if you have the time to watch/listen to this song. They will make you want to life life to the fullest, and will make a sensitive person out of even the biggest hardass.

Now to figure out how to make a YouTube account for the Tyler video I took.. hmm..