Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So every day I have school I have a process. I wake up and drive to the nearest trolley stop (45 min away) and hop on the trolley which looks like this.

On the trolley I get to experience a huge clash in cultures. From hobos to people who just don't want to find parking at SDSU to people who are going to work in suits. Every day it's a new experience and new people sit near you, and some even make polite (or intrusive) conversation. Today on the way to school I sat by this girl with a great bob hairstyle and brilliant blue eyes, and a lady who was knitting two white rectangles. The knitting lady kept accidentally bumping the girl with the bob with her two giant knitting needles. It was quite comical. Then on the way home I sat by a man with large work boots on. He got on the trolley at the college, so I was thinking to myself who would wear work boots to college, but I wore my Docs yesterday so I guess I had no reason to question his boots. There was one woman who interested me as well, she was wearing baggy boyfriend-style jeans, a slouchy tank top, and sandals. This woman had wavy long dark blonde hair and a nose and lip piercing. She was one of those women who eminate "toughness" and that girls can do anythign boys can do. She probably assumed my looks were of distain instead of admiration, but who knows. I love women who dress like that, they make me happy, that whole "yes, I'm a vegan and I can kick your ass" look is awesome. Also, there is this girl who rides the same trolley home as I do on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I'm determined to find her thoughts on fashion entered somewhere on the internet. This girl obviously knows what's going on, so she must have a lookbook or a blog or something that I'm dying to read. She has the cutest haircut that is always perfect. Also she lines her lips perfectly with a dark burgundy color and it looks fabulous. She's always listening to music and dressed impeccably. She reminds me of The Wandering Alchemist except her hair is a bit longer and thicker. Today she wore a cream colored lace top that was to die for. I know I sound like a creeper, but you really start paying more attention to people while you're sitting in a confined area with them for fourty minutes of your life.
Speaking of noticing people, the girl that sat next to me in Psych had some problems. She comitted one of the #1 offenses in my book... she was wearing tights as pants. Now normally this girl is probably pretty fashionable, because she was wearing cute leather slouchy motorcycle inspired boots, a hat with a leopard print scarf tied around it, and a shirt with lacey details that was a bit too short to be a dress. If it was longer I would have given her praise, but the tights just bugged me. She was one of those talkers too. The one who is always raising their hand in class, so the teacher thinks that the people sitting around that person would be as pleased talking as they are. Wrong. I was just checking Email and catching up on Othello Sparknotes, but was getting paid way too much attention to by the teacher for being in a class of over 500. However this girl befriended me and I'm sure this won't be the last time I sit by her, or the last time she wears tights as pants. I wouldnt mind the first if she quit the second. Oh well.
So this blog entry has been very void of pictures. So here are some I found on flickr of the trolley.

Oh and I found this picture randomly too..

When I'm old I WILL be a red hat lady. They are amazing.

And in other news, my trolley stop is near the mall, so yesterday I stopped at F21 and bought two charcoal colored shirts and a lovely floral skirt. This is what I wore today

Now I must clean my room, gah it may take hours.