Friday, September 5, 2008

Sweet Sounds and Shoes

For lookbook I talked about the music I love, and I decided to post what I said on there on here too..
I could talk forever about my love for music. My favorite music is the sweet music of my boyfriend because he is an amazing singer( you won't be disappointed, also his new band One Hot Minute.
But to answer the questions asked:Who's on your playlist? currently i've been listeing to- a day to remember, saosin, playradioplay!, pierce the veil, arsonists get all the girls, kimya dawson, great lake swimmers, young galaxy, stars, the dresden dolls, madina lake, senses fail, underoath, blue october, minus the bear, broken social scene, porcelain and the tramps, seether, the format, mickey avalon, mika, the spill canvas, gregory and the hawk, the rocket summer, motion city soundtrack, imogen heap, chiodos, the scene aesthetic, flamboyant bella, a fine frenzy, mayday parade, her space holiday, lydia, we the kings, boys like girls, my american heart, the foo fighters, sponge, creature feature, justin nozuka, this providence, shwayze, the kings of leon, a change of pace, pilate, jack's mannequin, dance gavin dance, the honorary title, jape, and emmure.
What genres do they fall under? hardcore, grindcore, alternative, indie, and experimentall Who's your favourite singer/band and what's your favourite song by them? Stars. Favorite song, hmm at the moment it's Going, Going, Gone.
How about a couple of lines of lyrics that you love? "I'm not sorry I met you, I'm not sorry it's over, I'm not sorry there's nothing to save"- Your Ex-Lover is Dead, Stars This lyric was my senior quote! Also my other favorite artists are Stephen Speaks and Lydia."could you not have kissed her, and shown her you're a man who wants nothing more in life then for her to be your wife"- Airplane song, Stephen Speaks"so i know nothing, fo your taste now, and speak up lover, it's in your lips i've found, come on just press against me, i finally have your attention, so listen closer sweetheart, i've been trying to tell you, stay awake."- Your Taste is My Attention, Lydiaoh also, "we took our first pill when the music was s**t, i said f**k dancing all night, but then that's just what we did, it felt like floating" - Floating, JapeI really love when mellow bands cuss, it makes me happy.
and if you read all that, hello new best friend!

Today we went back to school shopping and I got three amazing pairs of shoes:

Amazing Doc Marten's, pretty black suede oxfords, and cute floral flats. The perfect shoe for almost every occasion, because I have pretty much destroyed my silver Steve Madden Flats.
Also, I was channeling the Marie Claire atricle I posted while shopping today. This is one of the outfits I purchased minus the shorts and belt:

Do you like it?
(where I bought everything can be found here:

It's 4:28 am in Cali, so good night// good morning! <3