Friday, May 15, 2009

New Love//Hate Relationships

With my two new amazing pairs of shoes. So I have been lusting the 80%20 melody boots and black and white creeper sneakers.. forever basically. Now, I have both, all within a week, amazing yes? Well, beyond the fact that sales are my best friends, these shoes might be the end of me.

The melody boots are so fantastical, with their perforated white exterior and their hidden wedge. But, the truth is the wedge shoves my poor toes into the pointy tip of the shoe causing terrible pain and eight new blisters, which is almost one for every toe :/ I stupidly wore them to school for their first outing so I was in writhing pain when I returned to my car, and I was bleeding! But I recall the love-hate relationship that I had with my fringe boots turned into a beautiful harmony once they were broken in. I'm going to be persistent with these shoes!

Then for my creepers, they arrived this morning and I instantly unwrapped them and wore them out. Well the bf and I wanted fast food for dinner (I was craving salty Wendy's fries but opted for the frosty instead) so we decided to walk around the block before indulging. Well about a hundred feet out my ankles were in pain, and I had socks on ad everything. Then I took my shoes off and walked on the rough gravel instead for the rest of our walk. Upon closer expectation (after Richie shouted "gross") I found that my ankles had large gashes in them and were oozing blood, not good. What surprises me is that these shoes are sneakers! The least betraying of all footwear! Well, I don't know what I'm going to do. For now I will wear sandals and let my feet heal before I make another attempt.

Wow, the sun is going to come up soon, I better get some rest. (this is my only week off of the summer, and I should be studying for finals)