Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to School

After a break of a whole four days I started school again, this time summer school. Tonight was theatre. Uff, acting is not my forte.

But there was no gloom about it today because I was too excited. First, Suz from Weardrobe asked me to make outfits for some UO pieces, (3 amazing pieces that I'm reluctant to return back to her, but must) then Emails me. They tell me that one of my lovely reader's had added the link on the side of my page and made a purchase, which gifted me $25, so I also made a purchase. Now the girl whom I got the invite code from will be gifted $25 as well, I love how this site works... "Sharing and Caring" Barney style. I bought skull candles :)

Oh, and over the long weekend my family cleaned out our barn and I dug up all of my 90s big tee shirts! (including but not limited to the Lion King on Broadway shirt, years and years of self-painted summer camp shirts, and free shirts from my dentist featuring many smiling animals with perfect chompers) I also discovered that as a child I was shaped like a box and all of my little kid tee shirts are now too wide but too short for me. But I'm stoked to rock the long ones.

Do you ever browse Ikea and create your own dream house? I did today for a few hours :)