Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So we got really bored this week and drove to Kmart, bought some clothing dye and tank tops and we tie dyed. :) But, in the wash everything bled purple! So they kinda look tacky now, but it's okay it's still cool, and now we know for next time. But I dyed some guys size large wifebeaters and made dresses :) Also, my 80%20 boots arrived and I wore them to school today, but they pinched the crap outta my toes and now I have 8 blisters. But when the blisters heal I think I'll be able to wear them just fine, and maybe walk on hot coals too. Then I recently ebayed a leather tank top with a lace back that I'm really stoked about wearing and some TUK creeper sneakers in black and white, so all of that should be arriving soon :)
Pics from today's outfit & tie-dying:

uff my hair is so brown again.