Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Pretty Song

for your listening pleasure:

Jude - King Of Yesterday
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Download:Jude - King Of Yesterday .mp3

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dear Topshop,

Please make this dress available in a size 2. Thank you.

It's sooo amazing.

I have no idea what I would wear it to but every day sounds like a good occasion to start with.

It amazes me that there aren't many unique looking dresses out there like this one. On every prom site all the dresses look extremely similar.

I wish I was still in high school and had a prom to go to. (my lazy broke bf and I didn't go last year) By the way we broke up, again, this weekend so things have not been fun. But my hair is red and black so that's pretty happy-making.

My inspiration folder was getting crammed, so I collaged it:

Oh, and this is my favorite song/band this week- Margot and the Nuclear So and So's- A Children's Crusade On Acid

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Santa Ana

Has been blowing and it's hot.

So skirts and shorts are a must.

But it gets chilly at night so I threw on tights and a sweater

So yesterday I went to the most amazing concert ever.. Minus the Bear. It was full of stoners, but I still had a great time. We sat along the wall and I swayed and sang along to all of the music. They even played part of the show acoustically... wow.
Here is a link for their acousic song:
Minus the Bear - Guns & Ammo
Just right click and "save as" to keep it, or just click for it to open on your music player as a temporary file.

This is them performing my fav song The Fix live (in Chicago earlier on this tour)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Much

To write about. First of all, thank you for all who commented about the boots, and yet I still can't choose my feelings for them, I kinda want to buy them though.

Secondly, I haven't been writing much because of my hectic life. I wish my college wasn't an hour away, it's killing me. Also, all of my friends get Thanksgiving breaks, but my college, doesn't believe in them, lame.

But college did allow me to do something amazing the other night. We had to go to a spoken word event for my lit class, and I went to Lestat's open mic night, and it was amazing. (they're a 24 hour coffee shop, hell yea) I've been really down lately, but it made me forget about the rest of the world for a few hours. Apparently it was recently voted best open mic in San Diego, and I can tell why. There were many hilarious comics, one amazing poet, and many talented musicians. One of my favorite acts was Happy Ron. He's a San Diego legend who sang one of his songs Terribly Happy, which is, "About being happy in a job you hate, after childbirth, and even if your album bombs," says Happy's Myspace. This man is so funny and entertaining. The Midget Farmer's sang a song about foreskin, and The Trashman did a hilarious comic act. Josh Damigo was my favorite though. Like, John Mayer watch out this boy can belt. He sang this song:

So if you've never been to an open mic, I suggest you try it, it's so fun. Oh, and the couple in front of me definately made me crave dreds and sleeve tattoos.

This is what I wore to Lestat's:

Ha, about that face... yea.

It's been super cold here lately, so my outfits have just been boots jeans tanks or a random shirt and a big sweatshirt. I had no school today, so the boy and I hiked a 3 mile trail up and down a mountain, it definately helped me relieve stress and feel better.

At the mall the other day I got two new pairs of shoes (well 1 was boots), a purple AA skirt and V neck, and cable knit tights, but I'll post outfit pics featuring all of them. H&M was kinda gross, (yea I know shoot me) but it felt like a grosser Charolette Russe. I don't know if it was just the mass amounts of people, but I didn't like it. The clothing looked cheaply made too, like worse than UO, but that stuff is cute so they get pardoned. (someone has to agree with me)

Well, I have to write my Lestat's paper now, a definate fun-sucker.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

What To Think

They're from Victoria's Secret..... and I'm lost, they may be hideous or semi-ugly-but-attractive-because-of-their-ugliness. What do you think?

So they FINALLY opened an H&M in my city and we're going there today, and lo and behold, it's pouring rain. In San Diego, that's practically an oxymoron. And the entire mall is outdoors. Well, we're going to face it anyways, so I'll write of my day later.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Up Close

this Balmain dress is even more amazing



California weather sucks, I was getting all stoked because it was finally cooling down and even rained once or twice, but then, it was back to scorching today aand apparently will continue to be so for a while. Lame. But at least I scored two days of wear out of my Chinese Laundry boots.

I love them.

So I decided I'm just going to wear this beanie often to cover up my roots cause bleaching makes my hair grow slower, then let it grow until December, then dye it black with Manic Panic dye so it will wash out, (slowly but surely, which is why I'm waiting till school's over) then if I like the black, doing that, and if not, continue the murder of bleach. Yes, I apologize this was a pointless rant about my hair.

The music I've been digging as of late has been Stars, like always, but more particularly their song He Lied About Death.. even though the lyrics have nothing to do with it, and by "gay: they mean happy, it still pretty well corresponds with my unhappiness for prop 8, a new ban on gay marriage in Cali.

What gives you the right?
To fuck with our lives?
A devil born in paradise
A liar loves to lie
Keep watching your back
Killers always have killers on their track
Keep watching the sky
'cause you might get lucky again
I hope your drunken daughters are gay!
You are the shadow of fear!
Yoou scare the love out of here
Like an ape in a cage
Small white man in a rage
Mellow suit, mellow smile
Limousines down murder mile...
Watch the devil's at play!
Drain the bottle empty
California today
Tomorrow it's you and me...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rainy Days & Mondays

So the start of November brings (finally) some cold weather to southern Cali, and just in time I recieved my Chinese Laundry boots from! I love them so very much, I have the feeling they will be a part of most outfits this winter.

Here's today's:

I chose the suede ones over the leather, because they are softer and won't look strange to dress down.

So muuusssiiicc... On the 1st of November I went to a Suicide Silence, Emmure, Beneath the Massacre, After the Burial, and The Architects concert. Rawr rawr rawr music I call it. Emmure is my hardcore love, I want "this is a promise I keep to myself" tattooed on me. The Architects was a brit band, so when he was introducing songs he had the most amazing accent ever. <3

Then yesterday mommy bought me Nightmare Revisited, because I was a weird little kid who loved the Nightmare Before Christmas, and I love this CD too. It's a bunch of artists wo re-did the songs while adding a bit of their own style.
My favorite is Flyleaf covering What's This:

Love & Fafiness

So my internet has been down this whole weekend, so I'm hoping it lasts through these posts.
For halloween I was, suprise, suprise, a Fafinette.

I started off in shorts, then a dress, then jeans a jacket and a scarf, all as the night became colder. I spent the holiday on the bay bonfiring with some old and new (both very drunk) friends from USD.
Taghrid was where I got the idea for my costume, because up until the day before I didn't have one. Plus it gave me an excuse to draw hearts on my cheeks and wear stripey socks :)