Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Much

To write about. First of all, thank you for all who commented about the boots, and yet I still can't choose my feelings for them, I kinda want to buy them though.

Secondly, I haven't been writing much because of my hectic life. I wish my college wasn't an hour away, it's killing me. Also, all of my friends get Thanksgiving breaks, but my college, doesn't believe in them, lame.

But college did allow me to do something amazing the other night. We had to go to a spoken word event for my lit class, and I went to Lestat's open mic night, and it was amazing. (they're a 24 hour coffee shop, hell yea) I've been really down lately, but it made me forget about the rest of the world for a few hours. Apparently it was recently voted best open mic in San Diego, and I can tell why. There were many hilarious comics, one amazing poet, and many talented musicians. One of my favorite acts was Happy Ron. He's a San Diego legend who sang one of his songs Terribly Happy, which is, "About being happy in a job you hate, after childbirth, and even if your album bombs," says Happy's Myspace. This man is so funny and entertaining. The Midget Farmer's sang a song about foreskin, and The Trashman did a hilarious comic act. Josh Damigo was my favorite though. Like, John Mayer watch out this boy can belt. He sang this song:

So if you've never been to an open mic, I suggest you try it, it's so fun. Oh, and the couple in front of me definately made me crave dreds and sleeve tattoos.

This is what I wore to Lestat's:

Ha, about that face... yea.

It's been super cold here lately, so my outfits have just been boots jeans tanks or a random shirt and a big sweatshirt. I had no school today, so the boy and I hiked a 3 mile trail up and down a mountain, it definately helped me relieve stress and feel better.

At the mall the other day I got two new pairs of shoes (well 1 was boots), a purple AA skirt and V neck, and cable knit tights, but I'll post outfit pics featuring all of them. H&M was kinda gross, (yea I know shoot me) but it felt like a grosser Charolette Russe. I don't know if it was just the mass amounts of people, but I didn't like it. The clothing looked cheaply made too, like worse than UO, but that stuff is cute so they get pardoned. (someone has to agree with me)

Well, I have to write my Lestat's paper now, a definate fun-sucker.