Thursday, November 6, 2008

Up Close

this Balmain dress is even more amazing



California weather sucks, I was getting all stoked because it was finally cooling down and even rained once or twice, but then, it was back to scorching today aand apparently will continue to be so for a while. Lame. But at least I scored two days of wear out of my Chinese Laundry boots.

I love them.

So I decided I'm just going to wear this beanie often to cover up my roots cause bleaching makes my hair grow slower, then let it grow until December, then dye it black with Manic Panic dye so it will wash out, (slowly but surely, which is why I'm waiting till school's over) then if I like the black, doing that, and if not, continue the murder of bleach. Yes, I apologize this was a pointless rant about my hair.

The music I've been digging as of late has been Stars, like always, but more particularly their song He Lied About Death.. even though the lyrics have nothing to do with it, and by "gay: they mean happy, it still pretty well corresponds with my unhappiness for prop 8, a new ban on gay marriage in Cali.

What gives you the right?
To fuck with our lives?
A devil born in paradise
A liar loves to lie
Keep watching your back
Killers always have killers on their track
Keep watching the sky
'cause you might get lucky again
I hope your drunken daughters are gay!
You are the shadow of fear!
Yoou scare the love out of here
Like an ape in a cage
Small white man in a rage
Mellow suit, mellow smile
Limousines down murder mile...
Watch the devil's at play!
Drain the bottle empty
California today
Tomorrow it's you and me...