Friday, July 25, 2008

I Hate to Pop Your Bubble But,

I hate bubble dresses!
Okay that was a little strong, because I have seen a few cute satin ones. But besides that, no.
I mean look at these things:

it just looks like she put it on and the fabric rolled up her legs and she was too lazy to push it down. It also makes me think that the designer was too lazy to do a proper hemline so he just tucked the ends of the fabric up and secured them inside the dress.
I think it's such an unflattering shape as well, it only works on the models who need the shape to look like they've eaten in the past month. It's just a terrible design.

In lighter news, I just purchased some hobbit booties which make me happy. My sister said "I don't understand style anymore, it's like whatever is the ugliest wins" I personally think they are comfy and have a lot of versatility in my wardrobe.

And on a third note, I want this prada lace bowler bag.

I'm a sucker for black lace and this one is stunning. It's an odd shape but I think it would blend into my everyday life perfectly. Now if only I had a thousand dollars to drop frivolously, oh well, a girl can dream