Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They Came

So I was planning on leaving for the post office to pick up these babies at 3:30, but then I fell asleep. I woke up at 4:15 and threw on some makeup and rushed to the post before they closed at 5. There's always traffic getting into town so I got there at 4:50 thank goodness. I loooooove them, buuut they're still "off white" so they have a strange greenish tint. If anyone has the 80%20 melody boots in a white size 8-9 I will trade :) And you can have my cowboy tan boots tooo.. and love FOREVER!! :)
Yay for webcams and no more hassling with uploading pics from my camera or finding positions to sit my camera to take pics of myself.
The bf went to the beach without me today.. how lame, but I passed my bio quiz, and failed my math test because it was timed and I wrote "a part of a hole" instead of "whole" so what I got the answer right.. uff I'm bitter.

I wear this shirt every chance I get, the belt is supposed to tie around the waist and the shirt's hem dips down on each side, so I tie it in the back for a cooler effect than a lame waist belt.I think I want to stretch my ears to 5/8" what do you think??
Yes that is Kyle XY on my wall... Matt Dallas.. drool. So sad they cancelled it.. and what was with them not making a final episode to tie things up?? lame.