Monday, April 13, 2009

The Booze

So I have been a terrible blogger because I've been over-run by school. But I'm taking time out of studying the Constitution and Federalist Papers to gush about my time at Bamboozle Left. It's a huge concert/festival that features a lot of popular bands the first day, and a lot of rawr rawr bands the next day, and 50 Cent for some unknown reason.

The bf and I just went to the second day because we really did not want to be overrun by Fallout Boy's biggest fans. (though I still wouldn't mind a peek at Pete Wentz) There weren't that many incredible bands the second day, but The Used was playing, and I was determined to see them, even if it was $60. I've been madly in love with The Used and Bert McCracken for.. forever. So it was a must-see. Sadly, 50 Cent arrived early, cutting their set time short :( Why do hardcore kids want to see 50 anyway? I heard he played because The Game has been showing him up. Well duh. But back to my gushing. We first watched Underneath The Gun, who was pretty sweet. Then we watched a few randoms until Ten Second Epic, and we saw Cassie Steele watching them too because they're from Canada. Then my bf got waaay starstruck and refused to go talk to her. Then we saw Shwayze which was awesome :) Next was Saosin who had mic problems or they would've been great too. Then I sat down because I thought TBS was next, then The Used got up to play, so I pushed my was as far forward as I could without getting drenched in beer.. and behold:

Then we saw Born of Osiris and I'd already seen Emmure (love) so we tried to see Taking Back Sunday but were soooo far back it wasn't worth it.
I swear I've taken outfit pictures I just need to get my camera out of the car and upload them. I've also found the perfect basic white pocket tee.... from Wet Seal believe it or not.