Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Canon Profashional

The Canon Profashional winners went online today!! This contest is all about fashion photography (if you couldn't guess) and goes on every year. There are archives to look through from the past years on the site. The winners this year were:
1st place-

2nd place-

3rd place-

best newcomer-

I really enjoyed the first place one it's so lovely. The second place one was really well done but i didn't quite understand why the third place one was so great when compared to the other entries. The best newcomer on is really pretty as well.

These are a few others I enjoyed.

You should go check out the site because there are so many great pictures!! It is in german but here is the translated link.

I haven't posted in a few days because I took a nasty spill down cement stairs and ended up with too many bruises to count. But I am back, and I won't give up on this blog because I have things to say to the internet (even if no one else wants to read it)

Friday, July 25, 2008

I Hate to Pop Your Bubble But,

I hate bubble dresses!
Okay that was a little strong, because I have seen a few cute satin ones. But besides that, no.
I mean look at these things:

it just looks like she put it on and the fabric rolled up her legs and she was too lazy to push it down. It also makes me think that the designer was too lazy to do a proper hemline so he just tucked the ends of the fabric up and secured them inside the dress.
I think it's such an unflattering shape as well, it only works on the models who need the shape to look like they've eaten in the past month. It's just a terrible design.

In lighter news, I just purchased some hobbit booties which make me happy. My sister said "I don't understand style anymore, it's like whatever is the ugliest wins" I personally think they are comfy and have a lot of versatility in my wardrobe.

And on a third note, I want this prada lace bowler bag.

I'm a sucker for black lace and this one is stunning. It's an odd shape but I think it would blend into my everyday life perfectly. Now if only I had a thousand dollars to drop frivolously, oh well, a girl can dream

The Loss of My Blogging Virginity

So, I feel like an introduction is in order. My name is Mollie and I am seventeen years young. The goal for the creation of my blog is to create a fashion blog that describes what I am captivated by in the fashion world. I don't always follow the latest trends, and tend to covet the strangest items. But bear with me. I read numerous fashion blogs but I'm still new to the whole universe of style. Considering I'm currently majoring in child development, my future style might be mom jeans and old Looney Tunes and Winnie the Pooh T-shirts. But hopefully I'll try to maintain some style. I'm a polyvore addict as well. My new account is stars and broken hearts
and here is a set I made of my current favorite things:

And I actually found a site that sparked my interest so I'm going to start with a post right off the bat.

Indie Fixx posted an entry mentioning a store called Mohop and I fell in love. They make shoes with versatility. The shoes have elastics on the sides which allow for a new style every day! The shoes are pricey, like in the hundreds, and I probably would not splurge that much. But I'd imagine with a little creativity these shoes could be a diy project (but i probably shouldn't say that because Mohop is trying to sell shoes and not spark ways to steal their idea) but regardless I love this idea and might trek to Payless to buy some faux-something shoes that i can take a hammer and nails to. I think it would be as easy as lining up a ribbon along the edge of the shoe and nailing it at a few places so it can be threaded across. Here is a picture of the Mohop shoes:

I think the idea is magnificent, but the price is a bit high for someone who just wants a new pair of ribbon-y shoes.

And I'm continuing this post with another topic, no they all won't be this long. But most of them will be posted at ungodly hours because it's summer and my sleep schedule knows no means.
I've been browsing pictures of Angyness Deyn because I think she's very cool, and I ended up on Style.com's fashion show pictures. More specifically the Ruffian Fall 08 Ready-To-Wear runway collection. And I love it so very much. Usually designers have a few ready-to-wear outfits where I would purchase the entire outfit if I had the dough, but with this collection, I found my self coveting many complete outfits.

I love the shiny fabrics, the black lace, and the menswear feel. However, I had problems with a few of the fabrics,

They frighten me a bit and I couldn't see any woman realistically wearing that outfit.
But all in all, I really like the collection. Plus one of their models had tattooed sleeves, and that makes the designer that much better :D

Well that's it for my first "official fashion blogging" how did I do?