Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mall Trippin'

EVERYONE at the mall was wearing Chargers jerseys. And we're winning!! :)

So today mommy took me shopping as an early birthday present and I got:
This Anthropologie hoodie which is regularly $98.00 for $49.95!

and I got a black vest from there whose label says Project Alabama, it was originally $98 and I got it for $20.
It kinda looks like this minus the beading

Then I got the best deal of EVER:
This Andersen & Lauth vest which is still $148 on the UO website, was $40 at the store. I have been lusting this vest forever, and never ever thought it would ever be mine. <3

I also bought some jeans and a tank, oh and really warm pajama pants at Old Navy that are soooo cozy.