Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Crazy Me

So the first thing you'll notice is I dyed my hair, well, purple. I was aiming for black, and it didn't turn out right. This was it before I washed it again. Now it's a weard transparent grey which was scaring off people in Target, but still not cause enough for a lady to, right in front of me say, "and i thought i had bad colored hair." Luckily, it should wash out tomorrow, and if not I stocked up on some semi-permanent brown to do my at home color correction.
Second, I stretched my ears to now a 00g. :)

My sister told me I look like Mixi, the winner or Redemption Song on Fuse. She is awesome, though I was also rooting for Kendra or Jazmin.
Here is Mixi's video for "I Miss Those Days." This song will not leave your head, guarenteed. You will be singing this in the shower tomorrow morning like it or not.